Hey! Czesc!

I recently graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, AB with a degree majoring in Graphic Design + Advertising stream. My journey with design begun 5 years ago thanks to photography when I started to draw objects from my photos. 


Everyone has a hobby. I love to organize my entire house – whether it is stacking dog snacks in cute, little containers
in the pantry, rearranging bathroom drawer, folding underwear certain way or you name it – it has passed a level of a hobby and now is considered as a life necessity. It all started when I was 6 years old and every time I visited somebody, I was the one who organized their shoes by colour and size in a straight line. 

In my work, just like my random hobby of making visual alignments and systems around the house, I started to develop my own visual, quirky language. While playing with colour, paying close attention to details and structure of my design, I always aim to introduce viewers to whimsical and vibrant scenarios that not only have a positive and welcoming vibe to it, but it leaves them with a memorable and feasible solution to a problem. 


I enjoy UX design, motion graphics and branding, however, I am open to approaching any aspect of design. 

Let's chat. You can reach me at info@kingakobos.com.


2015 – 2019

Board of Governors Graduating Student
Award Nominee - Graphic Design

President's Honour Roll

Illingworth Kerr Scholarship

Jason Lang Scholarship

ACAD's Entrance Award


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